Suicide and grace - New York City, 1947

Tom Burrows, Tara Nova Bay (2010)
I just love your flashy ways.
If I believed in marriage, I’d want to be as pretty of a bride as Kurt Cobain.
All sheer vinyl everything. #crownofarms #preview #lookbook #photoshoot #behindthescenes #vinyl #rainydaychic #garter #gold
Earth Girls Are, In Fact, Easy

Spectrum of Time by Peter Erskine is a permanent rainbow sundial calendar installation. Hour and month lines painted on the walls and floor of the 40’ X 40’ X 40’ industrial museum space mark the hours, summer and winter solstices, and the spring and autumn equinoxes with astronomical accuracy. A 30’ X 30’ cross of solar spectrum light powered by the rotation and tilt of the earth tells the time and date. On cloudy days a laser pointer driven by a solar tracking program fills in for the rainbow.